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Danielle: No One's Pain Should Be Compared

July 24, 2013

Everyone has a different road to travel in life. We all have triumphs and struggles. As humans we tend to add a scale to these life events. Some problems are seen as “bigger” or “worse” than other problems. web mentions Some accomplishments are “better” and more worthy of praise. Unfortunately, I believe these perceptions divide us from one another.

How many times have you heard someone tell of a hardship, only to have another person put them down by saying their pain was not as bad as someone else’s? How many times have you told yourself to stop complaining, because there are people worse off than you in the world? The fact is, to each individual person, that pain may be the worst they have ever felt in their lifetime so far. Your own pain is not something to be ashamed of, and it does not help to compare yourself to others in this way.

What if we all listened to each other, and lent a helping hand or a sympathetic ear? What if we say, “I’ve been there, let me help you” instead of telling them their feelings are invalid or unimportant? If someone has gone through more hardships than others, it should be motivation to look back and help others, not put them down. Comparisons won’t get us very far, but compassion will.

Danielle, 25, is a lifelong Redding resident. She loves reading, anything creative, and spending time with family. A people person with a compassionate heart, Danielle has always held jobs involving kids and teens, although now she’s trying something new by working with the elderly at River Oaks Retirement Living. After battling with depression, anxiety, health issues, and surviving the loss of her cousin to suicide, she is ready to talk about her experiences and help others who may be struggling too. You can follow her on Twitter @danielleddore.