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Health Care Student: It’s “a crime’ to put negative labels on the mentally ill

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  Doctors and nurses should be looking out for their patients mental health as well as their physical health   by Danielle Ketel My first encounter as an individual with mental illness began before I was aware of the symptoms of the disease.  Drinking and substance abuse was a way that members of my family … » 

“What Those Left Behind Wish They Had Said” – A Shasta Lake Teen’s “Get Well Card” for Her Friend Who Cuts

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Why don’t many people send Get Well cards for loved ones with mental health struggles? One Central Valley High School student saw through the stigma and created this artistic work for a friend. Read her statement explaining why below. (Click the image of the card to enlarge.) About the Author Dotty Amtsberg is a 17-year-old student … » 

Meet Faith: The #Selfiewell Contest Winner!

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Congrats to our #Selfiewell contest winner Faith Scalf! She won a $100 gift card to Mt. Shasta Mall. She wrote on our Facebook page: The best stress-lifter for me is my SPORTS! With out my sports I don’t know how I would cope. Softball, volleyball, and basketball. It’s an amazing feeling working together as a … » 

“My Horse Has PTSD” – A North State Marine’s Survival Tale

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  Editor’s note: Joseph Sellman is a Klamathon resident who has family in Shasta County. There are local programs similar to Stable Hands at Meliora Ranch and Triple Creek Ranch.   My horse has PTSD   “Be polite, be professional but be prepared to kill everyone you meet” General James Mattis 2004   By the … » 

Burney High’s Students Talk about Stress

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Some stress in life is normal. It can even be healthy. my cloud But if stress becomes overwhelming and you don’t know how to cope with it, then it’s a big problem. Stress can even affect your physical health and appearance! To break down the stigma related to stress and anxiety, these Burney High students … » 

Danielle: To Get Through Depression, Help Someone Else

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Someone once told me, while I was in a bad bout of depression, that whenever he felt like he was in a really dark place, he would help someone else. By switching his focus onto others, he was able to put his life in better perspective and felt good about contributing something positive to the … » 

An eating disorder is a “total battle inside your own head”

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Brave Faces Portrait Gallery participant Jessica Mosher, 17, from Cottonwood shares how she dealt with her eating disorder.     For more information about eating issues, visit Reachout’s fact page.   “I’m 17 years old and about to start an exciting and terrifying journey to become a veterinarian at Oregon State University. By looking at … » 

Meet Paige – Our new Vlogger

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  Paige, a 15-year-old Shasta County resident, has seen a lot of other high schoolers struggling with tough issues and wants to learn how to help her friends. She’ll be sharing her experiences and what she learns with the the Get Better Together community. Here is her first vlog! If you have a topic idea … » 

Jersey Shore’s Vinny Has Struggled with Anxiety

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Though he is often seen fist pumping to house music on MTV’s Jersey Shore, Vinny Guadagnino has suffered from anxiety. He opens up about it in this video from Half of Us: my ip . ip information .